About Mohock Collectibles New Zealand

The word "MOHOCK" in the dictionary means a group of well-born gangs in London in the early 18th century, and it also sounds like the mohawk which as you can see in our logo, a spiky hair "O". We named ourselve MOHOCK because we want to bring high-end and mordern collectible figures and models to New Zealand, they are well-produced, realistic, and you will not regret putting them into your collection space, Most importantly, the MOHOCK team's goal is to form the biggest collectible figure community in NZ and we are not only bringing you these world class figures, but also trying to connect everyone in this hobby field together. MOHOCK team members are also crazy collectors and we'd love to share our stories and pathes of collecing our treasures.

Our biggest advantage is having stable suppliers and have good relationship with multiple logistics companies, hence we can provide competitive prices. In addition the MOHOCK team has been in the toy manufacturing industry for more than 15 years, through the relationship with the manufacturers we have full support on providing different types of products, we are proud to say that you will not be able to find some of our products elsewhere within the country. Anything you want but could not find it on our website, shoot us an email and we are pleased to help out.

The current brands that Mohock New Zealand is supplying are: Hot Toys, Sideshow, 3A, Enterbay, Soldierstory, DID, Art Figures, DamToys, Forces of Valors, and 3rd party robot figures like Fansproject, FansToys, MMC (Mastermind Creations), TFC Toys, Toyworld, and Maketoys, Our sellections of toys for boys are ranging from DC Comic, Marvel, Star War, Transformers, Predators toys and collectible action figures.

We also ship to other countries such as Australia, the USA, Europe, and .......basicaly worldwide.

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